Mission Statement

A cooperative effort to promote technology transfer and regulatory awareness in the oil and gas industry.

Executive Committee:

The executive committee consists  of two representatives from each of the six sponsoring organizations.  Former chairman can also serve on the committee as advisors or as organization representatives.  The six sponsoring organizations are;  API (Four Corners Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute),  SPE (Four Corners Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers),  NACE (Sandia Mountain Section of NACE International),  ASSP (Four Corners Chapter of American Society of Safety Professionals),  D&D (Desk and Derrick Club of Farmington), and the  Farmington Chamber of Commerce.

2022 Four Corners Oil and Gas Conference Executive Committee Members


Jesse Whitaker is the chairman for the 2020 Conference.  He is an E,I, & Measurement Supervisor for Whiptail Midstream and is representing NACE International. 

Aaron Barnett is the area manager for Harbison Fischer/Oil Lift and is representing API.  This is his second time to serve on the executive committee.

Ryan Briggs is the Safety and Security Officer for the City of Farmington, Secretary of the San Juan County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), appointed to the NMED Petroleum Storage Tank Committee and is the President of the Four Corners Chapter of the ASSP. This is his second time to serve on the executive committee.

Jamie Church is the President/CEO of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce.  This is her first Oil and Gas conference.

Linda Dean is a retired Landman from ConocoPhillips and as a past chairman for the conference, she serves in an advisory capacity for the committee.  Linda is one of the founding members of the Four Corners Oil and Gas Conference and has belonged to Desk and Derrick Club for 45 years.

Esther Greyeyes works for Merrion Oil and Gas and is representing Desk and Derrick.  This is her second conference.

Charlie Poore works for Mesa Products and is representing NACE. This is his second time to serve on the executive committee.

Melissa Spencer is a Field Operations Assistant for Hilcorp Energy.  Melissa has been a member of Desk and Derrick for 18 years.  This is her seventh conference serving on the executive committee.

Philana Thompson works for Merrion Oil and Gas and is representing Desk and Derrick.  She has helped with numerous conferences, this is her second time serving on the executive committee.

Dustin Rardin works for Border States Electric.  This is his first time to serve on the executive committee as a representative of API.

Teia Camacho is the coordinator for the conference and represents the Farmington Chamber of Commerce.  This is the first conference that she has served as coordinator.

Sara Work is works of BPX Energy and is representing SPE.  This is her first time to serve on the executive committee.

Four Corners American Petroleum Institute (API)

API is the only national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry. Our nearly 400 corporate members, from the largest major oil company to the smallest of independents, come from all segments of the industry. They are producers, refiners, suppliers, pipeline operators and marine transporters, as well as service and supply companies that support all segments of the industry.

For more than 75 years, API has led the development of petroleum and petrochemical equipment and operating standards. The Four Corners Chapter was founded in 1957, and has had more than 400 members.  Membership or associate membership in the Four Corners API Chapter is open to anyone who is engaged in the petroleum or an allied industry, or anyone who has an interest in the oil and gas industry.  All of the proceeds generated by the Four Corners API Chapter go toward their scholarship program. For information about, the Four Corners API Chapter, it’s scholarship program for area students or other chapter activities, contact Greg Crabtree 505-860-7139 or P.O. Box 5395, Farmington, N.M. 87499.

Desk and Derrick Club of Farmington (D&D)

The Desk and Derrick Club of Farmington (D&D) is a part of a non-profit international organization whose purpose is “to promote the educational and professional development of individuals employed in or affiliated with the petroleum, energy, and allied industries.”  Since 1957, D&D has maintained its status as a major contributor of energy education through informative programs, onsite field trips, seminars and workshops. Members have opportunities to enhance their communication and leadership skills, to expand their personal and business horizons by networking with industry leaders and colleagues and to be educated in the technology of our ever-changing industry.  Membership in D&D is granted to individuals actively employed in, affiliated with, or former retired members from the petroleum, energy, and allied industries.  For more information about becoming a member of D&D, please contact Philana Thompson at pthompson@merrion.bz

Four Corners Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) 

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a global organization that promotes technological dissemination and exchange of technical information concerning the development of oil and gas resources, subsurface fluid flow and production of other materials through wellbores.  For information about the section, scholarship program or any of the organization’s activities, please visit the website at http://connect.spe.org/FourCornersPetroleum.

Sandia Mountain Section of National Association of Corrosion Engineers International (NACE) 

The Sandia Mountain Section of NACE International provides a forum for fellowship and for knowledge transfer to people involved in the prevention and control of corrosion technology issues.  NACE International has become the global leader in developing corrosion prevention and control standards, certification and education. The members of NACE International still include engineers, as well as numerous other professionals working in a range of areas related to corrosion control. The majority of our members are NACE certified field technicians who serve as the front line defense in controlling and mitigating corrosion related issues. NACE INTERNATIONAL SANDIA MOUNTAIN SECTION has been proud to donate to multiple local charities, as well as, educational scholarships throughout the years.  The contact information for NACE International Sandia Mountain Section is PO BOX 2165 Bloomfield NM 87413.


With more than 37,000 members worldwide, ASSP is a global association of occupational safety, health (OSH) and environmental professionals that advances the interests of its members and the profession.  ASSP members create safer work environments by preventing workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses.  Safer organizations enjoy increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction and a better reputation, while recording less loss time, and lower workers’ compensation and healthcare costs.  ASSP has 37,000 + members in 80 countries, 153 chapters (143 U.S., 10 global); 39 sections (37 U.S., 2 global); 74 student sections (68 U.S., 6 global). 

ASSP FOUR CORNERS CHAPTER is based out of Farmington, NM with 102 members from throughout the Four Corners Region.  The Four Corners Chapter meets the third Friday of every month.  More information on the Four Corners Chapter can be found at http://fourcorners.assp.org

Farmington Chamber of Commerce 

The Farmington Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of serving and advancing the civic and business interests of the City of Farmington and the Four Corners region.  The Chamber understands the importance of supporting local businesses, ensuring the success of new businesses, and promoting a better understanding of private enterprise.  Financed by membership investments, we are open to any business deciding to invest in the betterment of the community. If you have questions or comments about the Farmington Chamber of Commerce, please give us a call at 505-325-0279. 

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