Convention Center Exhibit

Standard 10' x 10' Inside Exhibit booth in the Convention Center on the isle, with an 8 ft high draping back wall and 3 ft. wall side rails,  Includes:

  • company identification sign
  • one 6 ft. draped table
  • two chairs
  • electricity - one plug
  • includes two (2) conference badges with two lunch tickets for each day
  • Booth carpeting is NOT included.



  • Exhibitors with large items/displays that need a forklift must be ready to check-in at 8 a.m. on May 9.  Those items will be first to move in and last to move out.  Arrangements for forklift needs to be made through CSS (1/2 hour minimum).  ONLY CSS forklifts with CSS personnel may operate inside of the buildings.  Weight limits of displays will be set by McGee Park staff.  Please call if intended display is overweight.
  • All inside booths are supplied with one electrical outlet.  Exhibitors must provide extension cord and power strip for exhibit.
  • Engines cannot be run inside the exhibit halls and gasoline tanks must have less than a quarter tank of gasoline in the tank.
  • Display equipment must be clean and in good condition with no hazardous material in tanks or on premises.  No leaking equipment will be tolerated.
  • Displays placed in the inside booth space shall not be higher than 10 feet and shall not protrude into the aisle.
  • Audio devices must be kept at a conversational level and must not interfere with other exhibitors displays.  Audio devices may be supplied by exhibitor.
  • Convention Center booths must be in place by 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 10th.  No unmanned displays allowed.
  • All booths will be manned from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11th and from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 12th



  • Carpeting and other services are available through Convention Services of the Southwest (CSS).  Please see attached website link.
  • Space reservations will not be finalized until March 1, 2022, and your requested preferences cannot be guaranteed.

Convention Center Exhibit

  • Standard inside booth (10’ x 10’) draping (8 ft. high back wall and 3 ft. wall side rails) and company identification sign, one 6 ft. draped table with two chairs.  Booth carpeting is NOT included.  Electricity will be provided to all inside booths.

    1. Each booth purchase includes two conference badges with two lunch tickets for each day.
    2. ALL booths are NOT to be static displays and MUST be manned during conference hours.
    3. Each vendor will receive a Company listing in the official Conference program.
    4. 4 Corners Oil & Gas Conference (FCO&GC) will not carpet or exhibit booths for inside exhibit areas.  Exhibit booth carpeting is available for an additional charge from CSS.
    5. Outside booths are 30’ long x 20’ deep.  Electricity is not available for outside booths.  Table and chairs are not provided for outside booths and may be brought by vendors or by ordering through Convention Services of the Southwest (CSS).  Outside booths must be manned, NO unmanned displays allowed.
    6. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to confirm receipt of this application if notification from FGO&GC is not received within four (4) business days.